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I’m studying something I’m right in the midst of. I use the internet everyday. I use it for my job, my assignments, my social life (I arranged a guest list for my 21st birthday all online, for example), my leisure time, everything. I wouldn’t say that my life is centred or dependent on computers, but my specific lifestyle certainly is. It has been interesting for me to look critically at the internet given that it is so pervasive in my life.

One of the things that I think I’ve come to understand about the internet that I never really thought of before, is in terms of this word ‘pervasiveness’. Because yes, I might use it everyday and so might my peers, but my grandparents don’t even have a computer. And then, there are people out in the world who never would have seen a computer. So, we might talk of it in terms of globalising us, which is true for there are computers and the internet throughout the world, but people don’t experience the internet the same way or on the same level of pervasiveness that we might. I guess it isn’t in itself particularly related to my project but it makes me think twice about saying things like ‘computers are everywhere these days.’ They aren’t. But obviously the idea that it is has held us captive if we are willing to make those kinds of assumptions.

Additionally, this project has been quite different for me than usual assignments. I’ve been given some virtual space to wonder around the theoretical aspects of this question and to use lots of really salient case studies. I’ve been given the opportunity to unravel everything a little further than what I would be given in a normal essay. As a result, it has complicated the project a lot, but I think that means that it has deepened it. I’ve been thinking and learning quite a lot.

Now that the project is finished, there will be no future posts on this blog, however I would encourage anyone reading this to comment if they have thoughts they’d like to share or otherwise contact me via email (my details are on the About The Project page).

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