Going Viral

The television show, The Gruen Transfer, often talks about the ways in which the internet might be used by advertisers in order to market themselves and their products. I’ve touched on this before in my post about how companies can buy space on google. But, this post is really about how marketers can compel capitalistic behaviours (i.e. buying stuff), thereby being useful under a neoliberal framework, through the use of the internet.

In this post, I’m going to be talking about the ‘Old Spice’ ad. Partly because I like it, partly because it really does demonstrates the point that the internet can be used as a powerful tool for advertising. Here it is:

The ad is quite quirky and funny. Importantly though, according to the Gruen Transfer, while pretty much everyone knows about this ad and was all the rage on facebook only some months ago, it never actually went to air on television. Rather, it ‘went viral’. People willingly logged onto Youtube to essentially watch advertising for Old Spice even though when the ads come on TV, that’s something to complain about!

And, in the end, after this ad went viral, sales of Old Spice went up by 107%, showing that it is clear that the internet can support commerce and capitalism.

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