Problems with Neoliberalism as a Theoretical Framework

Taking my analysis back a little bit, here are some problems with using the frame of neoliberalism to analyse what is happening on the internet:

These are just a few problems my project encounters. However, it still can work for the following reasons:

  • Thinking in neoliberal ways doesn’t necessarily mean that one must behave in neoliberal ways. And certainly, it is not practical to feel that there should be no government intervention in the economy at all. ‘Neoliberalism’ is more of an ideal than something that plays out perfectly in real life, and as such the way people might take on the ideal is still interesting for the purposes of analysis.
  • Even people who argue against neoliberalism can still hold some of its values quite closely. For instance, this link shows that someone who believes that public school should have greater funding in order to ‘even the playing field’ might not agree to the government interfering to put affirmative action in place because they feel people should earn their place irrespective of the certain things that may have disadvantaged them in the past. This idea of personal responsibility is still pervasive.
  • As I’ve explored in this post, given that North Americans have a very high presence on the internet, they can equally convince others around the world that neoliberalism is a good thing.

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